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Finding our voice

Finding our voice


This month in the studio, we’ve been talking a lot about voicetech. Channeling our own dreams of Spike Jonze’s Her, seeking the opinions of Alexa and Siri, and designing our own ideas of what could be possible. Partly for new clients, partly because design thinking is what we do.

And it’s exciting. The open nature of Amazon’s Alexa technology, and the Google’s race to catch up with its own Home, is inspiring so much interesting work that we can’t help but be excited. Conversational user interfaces are literally the stuff of sci-fi dreams - and they’re here and now, waiting for brands to utilise them to drive loyalty, to drive sales and to drive innovation.

Alongside chatbots - perhaps even more so - voicetech is totally changing how consumers interact with brands. We’re excited to be working with some big names to really harness the possibilities. It’s another string to our bow, another skill for the digital toolbox. To be right in there working with brands to make the future happen is why we got into this business in the first place.

But this is just the beginning; digital does move pretty fast. Today we’re talking to a CUI in a very strict and robotic manner; tomorrow we’ll be having a full-on conversation with Alexa as she gets to know us better, maybe even making suggestions before we’ve even thought about our needs. What will happen once voicetech is learning about non-verbal cues and answering complex intentions?

Maybe Jonze wasn’t so far off the mark, after all.

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