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Are your digital experiences true to your brand?

Are your digital experiences true to your brand?

While branding was never straightforward, in this multi-channel era, it is now one of the hardest things to get right.

Branding, and design more generally, isn’t about being content with the look and feel of a single customer journey. It is about crafting a holistic brand experience across your entire network of products and services.

Good branding has always gone beyond a logo and colour scheme, but digital has accelerated this ten-fold and the Internet of Things (IoT) has shuffled the pack once again. Mobile app journeys, in-store tech and voice-tech virtual assistants all need to interact seamlessly with one another, while also connecting consistently with a vast digital ecosystem.

So, how do you get it all right?

Here at Maido, we’re driven by being at the cutting edge of tech. But starting with the tech is the wrong way to go. Too much focus on the newest device or medium will quickly make your brand feel outdated and narrow when everyone else catches up. Start with a clear brand strategy and appropriate opportunities in emerging tech will soon present themselves.

As experience designers, we regularly research, define and update our understanding of user needs, so we can always refer back to these guiding principles. This is important because, with brand experiences now revolving around chatbots or voice commands, a clear brand voice has never been more crucial to great experience design.


In practice

Your brand should be a flexible framework that allows you to execute digital experiences quickly, confident in the knowledge that brand consistency will not be compromised. This approach can manifest itself in many ways, as some of our recent projects show:

Chatbots in luxury retail: Josh Wood, the renowned hair colourist, has always used personal consultations with clients to provide a level of service that can’t be matched. When launching his new retail lines online, he wanted that same experience. We developed a chatbot for his unique hair colour consultancies that extends his premium brand through digital.


Health and wellbeing experience: David Lloyd’s mission is to create family friendly clubs with exceptional service and unrivaled facilities (with an emphasis on tennis, of course). Our digital experience work with David Lloyd covered mobile, web and in-club digital touch points to drive retention and increase acquisition while remaining true to the company’s brand values.

Voice tech for storytelling: Often, digital needs to push the boundaries of a brand experience. Voice tech is a growing but still nascent area that only the most forward thinking companies are using. Our innovation prototyping with this technology has included the build of a Google Home prototype, with the live result released later this year.

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